Leslie Meyer

Professional>>  Leslie earned her bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University and her master’s degree from Bowling Green State University. With nearly 25 years of work experience in a variety of roles including teaching, sales and marketing, operations management, human resources, office administration, and higher education, owning her own business has been a dream of hers for years. She’ll be the first to tell you that what energizes her most is the opportunity to connect with those putting the work in place on a daily basis in the field.  So be sure to look for her out on Flatrock’s current bridge projects.  It’s certainly not lost on her that God has now placed her in a role leading a company that specializes in in building bridges  And while she has high enthusiasm for the bridges the company helps build that cars and trucks drive over, what she finds most fulfilling are the bridges the company is creating with their team, the general contractors they work with, the local ironworkers’ unions their signatory with, the businesses they purchase from, and the organizations they are supporting in the community. 

Passion>>  Coaching, motivating, and encouraging others to go from where they are now to living their best life is what Leslie is most passionate about.  She lives by the mantra, “We are all better together.”  And building bridges is an incredible reminder that we can’t go at it alone.  It definitely requires a team effort.  Leslie is intentional about telling others that they matter and have great value. Leslie’s heart is that Flatrock Bridge Group would be known as a company that builds bridges that leave everyone and everything better for having been there.

Personal>>  Among Leslie’s greatest joys are being a wife to Ben, her best friend, and a mom to Joe (age 5) and Izzy (age 2).   She describes herself as a work in progress and she can’t imagine where she’d be without her faith and her relationship with God.  As a lifelong learner, Leslie’s goal is to remain teachable and humble. She knows she didn’t end up where she is today going at it alone. She’s fortunate to have some great mentors and also loves reading books about business and leadership and attending professional development conferences.  When it comes to having fun, you’ll find Leslie spending time at the lake with her family, boating, biking, and watching college football.